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Yes, it is that time again. A month has come and gone, the season has changed, and every is planning their sugar/alcohol binge worthy costume attire. Oh and it's GAME NIGHT!!!

October 3rd is the official night, and as per habit, we will be starting around 9 pm (eastern...in case someone ever actually wondered?)

The server address for the event is ad.f7lans.com:27015

If you want a handy reminder, you can join our Steam Group for a reminder of when the event starts this Friday and/or the Facebook Group

If you haven't had a chance recently, don't forget to update both Steam and TF2!

See you there!!!

You may be asking yourself what exactly that is. That, is a "GO Kart" that is soon to be donated to a Georgia children's hospital. For those who don't know these bad boys contain video game consoles and age appropriate games that hospital staff can easily wheel into and out of a child's room. As someone who spends their entire life in a hospital (ask Voldenae, she never sees me) I can tell you first hand that these things are worth their weight in gold. There is nothing better I can do for a pediatric patient who is scared, bored and missing the comforts of home than wheel one of these bad boys in.

On top of being a creature comfort there are also numerous studies that show distractions like video games actually decrease a patient's perception of pain and result in less pain meds being used. These things are amazing to plop a kid in front of when I have to do a bedside procedure that often is painful and frightening. Plus, the friendly neighborhood Doc may or may not make a mental note of who has one in their room so he can come back later for a round of Mario Kart. I'm building rapport with my patients damn it! Quit judging me.

A special thanks to those of you who attended the recent Intel Atlanta LANFest who helped raised $5,000 to make this possible. Gamers doing good while having fun. That is what it is all about.

So last year was a pretty awesome success, all things considered, and I'm hoping to make this years extra life even better. I've set up our team page once again, and figured I drop a line here to remind anyone who may be interested and start the brainstorming for what to subject ourselves to for 24 hours. Borderlands 2 almost killed me.

Google doc for game nominations and +1s (obviously subject to how many people we get on board before go time.)

Anyway, go here to join the team:

Oh, and f0rkz, send me the little f7 icon via internet magic so I can use it for our profile image.

Welcome to the new and improved F7Lans.com! I have been hard at work monkeying around with the code bits to come up with a better site. New features include dynamic pages to automatically resize to browser window, better queries to gameservers (a lot more efficient for speedier lookups) and fancy bootstrap sexyness.

Thanks to all the admins that helped give feedback on what looks good and what looks bad. As always, the site evolves, so be sure to check back for new features every once and a while.

Of course, stay for the free hats!*
*free hats may or may not mean tf_birthday 1

It is getting to be that time again. As always, the first Friday of the month means it is GAME NIGHT!!!
Don't forget to update both Steam and Team Fortress 2 and make your way over to our servers ad.f7lans.com:27015. We will be starting around 9 pm.

Also, for future events, we traditionally play TF2, but if you are interested in trying to play something else as well, or would like to organize another night/event for another game, please feel free to throw it out there.

To keep up with future events, check back here and on our facebook page.

Join our Steam Group to receive the Steam event notice!

We'll see you there August 1st!!!

With last nights update, valve released two new maps currently in beta testing phase. One of the two maps introduce a new gameplay mode, Robot Destruction!


Have you ever wanted to construct battle arenas where mercenaries fight to the death over important global issues, but found you would rather shoot people in those arenas instead of riveting things that need riveted? We’ve got a position for you! Now is your chance to boss around the little guy as you stand on the ground floor of cutting edge environment construction!

We need volunteers that are capable of putting these spaces through the wringer. We want to make sure they stand the test of time for future generations of mercenaries, so they may also enjoy the simple things in life, such as detonating explosive ordinance, setting men on fire and conga dancing.

This is your chance to help guide the direction of TF2. You will get to participate in the development process as we cycle through different iterations of gameplay, based on your feedback.

In light of this news, F7Lans.com has released a TF2 beta maps only server! Feel free to connect and test out these new maps as they make their way to the final stages of release.

Here is the server: tf2beta.f7lans.com:27015

Current patrons of F7Lans have reserved slot access. Enjoy!

So I know I made a brief post about how epic last night was, because you know, having a pianist score the night with amazing tune-age is definitely epic.

But also, Last night was 1 year and 1 monthiversary of Game Night. The fact that we have been doing it successfully for so long makes me proud and feel extreme appreciation for our members who make an effort to show up each time they can and do. I feel grateful everytime I log on for a game night and people are joining.

That being said, an announcement I made last night and will do so again, is that @Ouch has been to every game night and to thank him for that (as well to wish him a happy birthday!!) @SOCRATEZ and I would like to thank him with a game of his choice. Mainly because a game of my choice is less fun, and because he deserves something awesome.

Thank you all so much for your continued participation, I look forward to what will hopefully be another epic and pianic game night next month!!!

You guys know the spiel, Friday June 6th at 9pm

Same BatServer, same BatChannel (ad.f7lans.com:27015)

Join us this Friday night for some slightly more troll-y than usual shenanigans!!!

Because you know, tf2 nights are generally super serious business with no tom-foolery whatsoever. O_o

Server: ad.f7lans.com:27015

F7Lans is now streaming featured gameservers on twitch tv! Our livestream can be found on our homepage or through Twitch TV: http://www.twitch.tv/f7live

Be sure to check out the live stream or be apart of the action!

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