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LANFest 2015 Summer LAN - 24 Days left!

It is that time of year again! LANFest Atlanta is having the 2015 Summer LAN in Hotlanta, May 22nd through 24th at The Sheraton Atlanta Hotel! Come join us for Memorial Day weekend to celebrate Summer in the best place possible, an air conditioned BYOC! Tournaments, events, and schedule will be posted soon. Make sure you block that weekend off! It will be epic. F7Lans members and regulars alike will have their own exclusive BYOC so make sure you put on that Tshirt and dust off that computer. Its LAN party time, F7 style.

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Welcome One, Welcome All!

We are once again hosting our monthly game night, and as the topic line suggests, the game of the month is Killing Floor 2!

It will be this Friday, May 1st at 9 pm est.

Some teams are already forming, to stake your claim on one, go to this thread and comment thusly.

Be sure to show up a tad early to try to group up with your team and get pumped.

You can join our mumble to conspire with your team mates, or just to chat with those playing

Mumble info:
Address: mumble.f7lans.com
Port: 64738

F7Lans is proud to present our latest and greatest addition to the list of member/supporter benefits: F7 Healthcare. We have teamed up with a group of leading physicians to bring you healthcare with a gamer's busy schedule in mind. Via F7 Healthcare you will now be able to access your doctor anytime from anywhere. Simply download out F7 Healthcare app free on Android and OS markets, create an account, answer a few short health surveys and you are up and running.

From there, you can contact one of our US Board Certified physicians who will instantly be connected to you via video and voice chat. Simply describe the symptoms you are experiencing and then follow the physician's instructions about how he wishes you to proceed with the physical exam. After the history and physical are complete he will send any required prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

Prices start at a $40 copay for members and a $60 copay for supporters. Unfortunately, this service is not available to nonmember/nonsupporters but we hope to expand in the future. Of course, all additional medication costs are not included in this rate. For a limited time only you can also purchase our Founder's of Medicine pack which comes with some special exclusives for only $20. We will mail you a Founder's kit complete with gown, stethoscope and speculum to assist with any physical exams needed.

As we know privacy is a concern all of your personal medical records will be kept secure in an individualized topic in our new F7 Healthcare subforum. Only subscribers and physicians will have access to this forum. Another advantage of this system is that other subscribers will be able to review your chart. This will allow them to suggest the latest homeopathic remedy that their aunt told them she saw on Dr. Oz. That way you have the confidence that no one, other than the other members, will be able to view your confidential files while also being sure you get potentially life saving alternative options suggested to you en masse without solicitation.

You have made F7 your home for all your gaming needs. Now we hope you will make us your home for all your Healthcare needs. We hope to see you soon in our brand new E-Clinics.

It is time! Time to make sure your hardware is updated and ready to roll out the door. Time to figure out how to fit all your crap in the car. Time to give those old hard drives the beating of a lifetime driving down to Atlanta. For once the Ides of March, the April thunderstorms are over, and the heat just couldn't get any more unbearable, ITS LAN PARTY TIME.

This event will be epic, for more reasons than its a BYOC LAN party. F7Lans members and friendly regulars on our site will have an exclusive VIP BYOC room all to themselves! So once registration goes live, make sure you spycrab over to the LANFest event page and register to reserve your seat!

This year we will be increasing the LAN capacity to grow this event to even bigger proportions.

F7 also has some VIP tricks of their sleeves, so please stay tuned for some awesome F7 events and perks right around the corner!

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Steam News

ThinkstockPhotos 502640285

Shawn FMPONE Snelling is a modder and mapmaker for CS:GO. His work on CS:GO includes de_cache, de_crown, and the recent de_season remake. Shawn s currently working on de_santorini.

First things first: this is a message to everyone. To the community, to the Reddit mods who recently deleted my post on r/gaming, to Gabe, to the entire PC community.

I m a modder, and I deserve compensation. Or, to be exact, I deserve an option to ask for compensation if I feel it s reasonable.

Let s talk about what that looks like for a second. Is it 25% of a sale on a Steam item? Should Valve and Bethesda get 30% and 45% respectively of any item I sell? Actually, I m not sure. If I m selling one trillion units, I m not minding that cut really. If I m selling six units and I m eating ramen noodles under a bridge somewhere in Detroit, I m minding that cut a lot.

Steam is a huge platform, and when Valve promotes your stuff as a modder, you re in the territory of making huge money. Huge money, for doing what you love. You can t really get that elsewhere, and that s a credit to Valve and how great Steam generally is and has been. So that 25% cut, I m not sure I mind it as much as you might think. But let s go ahead and agree Valve needed to put more thought into their plan, or at least into explaining their plan. There are real considerations here that just don t feel like they were addressed at all (did you know that some Skyrim mods can completely break your game?).

De Season
The recent remake of de_season in CS:GO, by Shawn Snelling.

Here s my real question: just how effective is this system going to be at compensating modders?

Well, if everyone is pissed off at Valve and refusing to purchase stuff, not very; in that situation, modders won t get paid. And as much as I love Nexus Mods, one cannot compare their audience with Steam s audience. Apples and oranges, Steam is unbelievably huge, much bigger than Nexus.

Let s agree that modders deserve to get paid. Those people who put their time and effort into something that provides you with countless hours of entertainment. Let s start the discussion right there—those people deserve to get paid.

I get approached by professional, AAA studios all the time to work on their game. Here s a little secret: I don t wanna. Most AAA studios aren t what they re cracked up to be, between the long hours, medicore games, bossy art directors, yadda yadda yadda. When I have as much freedom as I currently enjoy, why the hell would I want that? The Steam Workshop has gotten to a point where it s netting me a real salary and I feel rewarded and compensated for my work. Explain to me again why I secretly want to go develop the gaming equivalent of a TPS report?

Workshop CommerceAnnounce

However, even if the industry was a wonderful utopia, I actually kind of like working from home and not having a boss. Is that wrong? Am I bad person? Nah. I ve got a pretty sweet gig. And that s thanks to Valve and Gabe.

That s right, I said it. COME AT ME, INTERNET, LET S RUMB—no I already regret saying that please do not come at nor rumble me.

To me Gabe is still the same good guy he always was. But we need to realize a few things about Valve.

First and definitely foremost, they suck at communication. They suck at communicating super, super bad. And that recently hurt modders. Because Valve communicated their plan so ineffectively, it turned people off completely, which meant hey, modders might not get paid! As a modder, that makes me sad. Actually, it makes me worry about eating. Which is more scary than it is sad.

Because Valve communicated their plan so ineffectively, it turned people off completely.

Secondly, and let s be honest, Valve s plan kinda sucked. If you re going to announce a bold new initiative, you should probably avoid mentioning that part where you re not going to pay people a majority of what their sale earns. That s called Bad Marketing. And that big uproar Valve faced is proof that Bad Marketing leads to Bad Stuff.

After having a lot of discussions with people, I think the community has some very legitimate concerns. If people are opening their wallet, they want to get something good as a result. The idea that anyone, regardless of curation or objective criteria, can simply charge $100 for an Extra Apple, ain t alright. There needs to be some level of curation. As much as Valve hates the idea of bottlenecks, the community hates the idea of rip-offs way more. Neither should mods break your game—that is unacceptable.

Paid Mods

There is also no way in hell gamers want to pay for actually FIXING bugs in a game. The workshop should have a clear promise to customers—bugfixes and bugfixing mods will be FREE for customers, even if this means that bugfixing contributors settle for donations. We don t want to incentivize people fixing bugs in AAA games, anyway. That s the developer s job.

I believe these are important steps forward. But I don t want people to lose sight of the fact that really talented hobbyists are beginning to become talented pros, who get to pursue their own path and explore their own interesting ideas. We should celebrate and embrace that, and thank Valve for a situation where good modders could actually start to get compensated for their hard work.

Valve, please put together a plan that sucks less; or at least, seems to suck less. But, most importantly, please continue to pay modders. Like you ve done. Like no one else really does. As a modder, I appreciate it more than I could possibly tell you in this short article.

Over the past three years, you guys have literally changed my life for the better, and no internet mob is going to deter me from saying it.

Read more of Shawn's thoughts on the issue of paid modding and Valve's announcement on this Reddit discussion.

Would you pay 33p for this?

It used to be that the only way to make money from a mod was a) make a standalone sequel or remake b) use it as a portfolio to get hired by a studio or c) back in the pre-broadband days, shovel it onto a dodgy CD-ROM (and even then, it almost certainly wasn’t the devs who profited). As of last night, that changed. Mod-makers can now charge for their work, via Steam.

… [visit site to read more]

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