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Welcome to the F7Lans Internet gaming community. A community open to all gaming walks of life. Join F7Lans members in exclusive events for prizes, charity, and good times. WAN parties, smaller LAN parties, and big gaming events are all part of our repertoire.

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Membership Criteria Overhaul

Now announcing new membership criteria!

Gone are the days of the vetting and sponsoring process. The long and painful process of finding a sponsor, posting endlessly on the forums, and waiting tirelessly for members to comment the dreaded :1up: or :1dn:. We have opened the flood gates for membership again and have made it easier than ever to become one of the F7 family!

The nitty gritty

Highlighted on the rules post, here is the new criteria for membership:

##2016 Revised Membership process

We love to have visitors, but if you want to join the >Family>, official membership to our community is a rather simple process:

Get to know the community.

In order to don the robes of the >f7>, we will need to know who you are, and you will need get to know us as a group. Find some time to hang out with us on our Discord server and play some games with us.

Stick around for “Regular” status

We pin users in different tiers in discord. Hang out with us, chat with us, and be friends with us and you will be pinned as a “Regular”. This gives you access to the chat history in discord as well as unlock your abilities to become apart of F7Lans.

Become a member!

So steps 1 and 2 are down, you know our community members and our admins well and you are ready to take the path to F7 membership! Query one of the server admins and request membership. Its that simple!

Gone are the days of finding a sponsor, jumping through hoops, and applying to join. We decided if you get to know us well enough, we can make an educated decision on your character to permit you into our family if you fit well.

Jump in our Discord server and start your path to F7 enlightenment!

Welcome to the new members!

We are proud to accept the following new members!

Event Night: Overwatch

EVENT NIGHT IS BACK! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, come join us in the Overwatch Open Beta for some intense 6v6 action. We will kick everything off on Friday May 6th at 7 PM EST. We will be starting a bit earlier than usual which will give us more time to play. Please RSVP below if you plan on attending this very special return of an F7 Classic! Hope you see you all there.


Sven Co-Op Released on Steam

#Let’s Play Half-Life!

To continue the trend of resurrected old games, an old mod from the days of Half-Life just had its 5.0 update and with it a release to steam!

Sven Co-Op has an interesting take on the classic shooter Half-Life and all of its predecessor updates (Uplink, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force) by adding co-op play. You can play the classic Half-Life games with your friends in this free to play mod.

In honor of Sven Co-Op’s release on Steam, we have brought up some dedicated servers. Jump on our discord server and get some games in! This throwback is a diamond in the rough.

Our Servers

Find us by searching for F7Lans.com in the server browser, or directly connect to one of our two dedicated servers:


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