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Welcome to the F7Lans Internet gaming community. A community open to all gaming walks of life. Join F7Lans members in the exclusive events for prizes, charity, and good times. WAN parties, smaller LAN parties, and big gaming events are all part of our repertoire.

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F7Lans now accepts donations!

Hello again F7 friends! We are proud to announce another great new feature on our website. We are now optimally equipped to receive donations! Unlike how we accepted donations in the past, we can now process credit card and debit card transactions directly. This means, no more paypal transactions!

Moving forward: Benefits, Causes, and Sustainability


We have a few benefits on the radar in the coming months. Our plan to give back to you in lieu of donations is F7points. We do not have this system ready for you yet, but don't fret, we are tracking every penny that comes in and will credit you for any donations starting today!

F7points will be given based on the donation amount and type of donation. From there, you can spend the F7points for F7 related fan gear (case stickers/car decals, t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc.). We are very excited to bring this next feature to you soon.


Once a steady cash flow starts to come in, F7Lans will apply for a non-profit organization status. Once this happens we will start targeting various charity causes to donate to. The "Charity" we select will run until a goal has been met (sort of how we did the Japan relief fund back in 2011). Additionally, once non-profit status is met, we can allow donations to become tax deductible! That's right. You can claim F7Lans donations on your taxes!

There will also be some causes within the community we can fundraise for!


One other important thing to note is donations help keep F7Lans up and running with great hardware and servers. With the help of you, the user, we can bring F7Lans to even higher goals. Increasing server capacity, diversifying our worldwide presence, and scaling our (tiny) gaming empire are only the tip of what this new donation engine can offer.

Donate Today!

Any donation is welcomed, be that $1 or $100, or even $1,000. We hope this new feature can help reflect the awesomeness that we are: a community that cares, a community that strives to push the bar even higher to create a fun and productive gaming community, but above all, a community that can come together to help worldwide causes all with the love of gaming.

Head over to the donation page to get started!

July Game Night

July is rapidly approaching and we have some news about our upcoming game night. As you know, this event is typically held on the first Friday of every month. However, given that this conflict with the Fourth of July holiday weekend we have decided to push back the event night to the following Friday, July 10th. Please mark your callenders and make an effort to attend if possible. It is always a blast and we would love to see you there.

This month we will once again be returning to the community favorite, Killing Floor 2! Last month this was a blast as we invaded a Large Server that allowed all of us to play at once against unthinkable numbers of Zeds. Not only did we have classic Killing Floor fun but we were also able to found our own religious cult and troll some unsuspecting heathens.

We hope to see you again Friday, July 10th as we yet again invade a Large Server. This will allow us all to play at once without having to split off into numerous small groups. Please RSVP below if you will be attending so we have a headcount ahead of time and can do some research into a server to allow us to expedite the process on the event night.

2) Voldenae
3) F0rkz
4) Carl Brutananadilewski
5) Freeb1rd
6) Zadasolar
7) ph34rbot
8) rew1red

June Game Night

In case it was a surprise to anyone, Game Night is coming up again June 5th at 9pm (est)

In case it was an even bigger surprise, the game of choice will be Killing Floor 2. The new map (Manor, featured in this month's event photo) has been released and we have collectible dosh to find!!!

We will meet in mumble prior, and organize which servers to head to accordingly. If you are new and wish to join in, please meet us in mumble before 9 to get acquainted with everyone and find a group.

We are running multiple servers, so there is enough space for everyone who wishes to take part.

Live Server Status




Black Mesa dm_gasworks 0 / 16
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive de_lake 0 / 10
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive de_dust2 0 / 20
Killing Floor 2 KF-VolterManor 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-Outpost 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-Outpost 0 / 6
Space Engineers Space Engineering 0 / 24
Starbound Unknown 0 / 32
Team Fortress 2 mvm_bigrock 0 / 6
Team Fortress 2 cp_dustbowl 0 / 24