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Welcome to the F7Lans Internet gaming community. A community open to all gaming walks of life. Join F7Lans members in the exclusive events for prizes, charity, and good times. WAN parties, smaller LAN parties, and big gaming events are all part of our repertoire.

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Discord Server Now Available!

We are proud to announce a public roll out of our latest addition to our ever growing list of services by introducing a Discord server. What is Discord you may be asking? Discord is a fantastic little program that offers all-in-one voice and text chat with a focus for gamers. This combines two services we already offer, IRC and Mumble, in one easy to use platform with some fantastic additional features.

So how do you get set up to join us in Discord? Simply head over to this link and download for the platform of your choice. Please note that this app is also available for iOS and Android so you can stay connected on the go! Next, install the app and then create an account. Once you are set up you can use this referral link to gain access to our F7Lans server.

From there you can text chat with all your favorite F7ites from home and on the go. This way you can stay connected throughout your day and even sneak a peak at whats going on while at work. It tends to stay pretty active throughout the day so make sure you come join us! Finally, you can use this same program for all your voice chat needs. From our testing, the voice quality has been great and it has proven to be a very stable platform. There are some additional great features such as the program showing what game someone is in regardless of it being launched from Steam or otherwise.

Please join us with our brand new toy and spend some quality time with all your F7 friends. Make sure you make the move and let all your friends know as we will be shutting down our Mumble server as we transition over to this new app. Let us know in this forum if you run into any issues or have any questions or concerns. Hope to see you all online in Discord!

F7Lans News

December Game Night 2015

The last game night of 2015 is right around the corner! Next month we will be bring a brand new gaming experience for the final event of the year. We have a couple of brand new Prop hunt and Trouble in Terrorist Town servers up and running just for this event. For those of you who may not know, Prop hunt is basically hide and go seek where the "props" have to pick a random object in the map and try to blend in as best they can while the "hunters" try to figure out just what objects are out of place. Trouble in Terrorist Town involves a number of players being labeled as terrorists while the others are innocent. The Terrorists win if all Innocents are dead and the Innocents win if all Terrorists die. Since no one can know for sure who is innocent and who is a Terrorist it creates some tense "Mexican Standoff" moments where paranoia takes hold of everyone.

We will be meeting on our brand new Discord server at 9:00 PM EST on Friday, December 4th. From there we will give you all the server details you need to allow you to join us for each game mode. All you need to do is ensure you have Garry's Mod downloaded and be in Discord at 9:00 PM! Many of you likely already own Garry's mod but if you don't it can be picked up for dirt cheap and will give you hours of fun. Make sure you get your downloads done early so you can jump right in and join us when the event goes live.

For our records, please try to RSVP below if you intend to be there. Of course, everyone will be welcome but it would be nice to know how many to expect so we can try to accommodate accordingly. See you then!

-Esca (perhaps)

November Game Night 2015

This announcement is going out early to afford ample opportunity to re-download or update the game as needed for those wishing to participate.

As Valve has holiday-ish tradtions that are somewhat entertaining, We thought it might be nice to bring back Scream Fortress 2. Game Night will be on one of the last nights that Valve will have all their Halloween maps/costumes/etc active, so get your silly outfits on and get destroyed by the Horseless Headless Horsemann. Or Monoculus. Or Merasmus. Or...okay you get the point.

The event will be the first Friday of the Month: November 6th at 9pm est
For those who don't have it saved, or are new here to these parts, the server address is


October Game Night - Killing Floor 2

Time has gotten away from us all and another Game Night is already upon us!!

I apologize for the delay in the announcement and the lack of voting this go round, however I figured we've all had a break from KF2. Hans misses us dearly and like the kind people we are, we should not deny him the chance to gas us yet again.

We have slew of servers ranging from Normal to Hell On Earth, so pick your crew, pick your difficulty, and lets roll!

If you choose, you can start trying to organize teams in this thread, if not, show up in mumble and we'll go from there!

Can't wait to see you guys!

Live Server Status




Garry's Mod Cinema_Theatron 0 / 24
Garry's Mod de_piranesi 0 / 24
Garry's Mod ttt_fastfood_a6 0 / 24
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-Outpost 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BurningParis 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-VolterManor 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-Outpost 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-EvacuationPoint 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BurningParis 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-Catacombs 0 / 6
Killing Floor 2 KF-BioticsLab 0 / 6
Team Fortress 2 mvm_bigrock 0 / 6
Team Fortress 2 ctf_2fort_invasion 0 / 24
Team Fortress 2 pd_watergate 0 / 24